Meet Ghostie

Founded in Summer 2018...

Slave Planet Records was founded by Julio Quiroa in 2018.

We rebranded in Q2 2019 to Ghost Planet Records
at the recommendation of Daniel Vernacular and his graphic design student girlfriend during the production of Be Kind Rewind, the debut single for Calm Bros. We love it and we love our buddy Ghostie and he loves you all!

Julio is the youngest of three sons. His parents brought them to the USA in 1989 from Guatemala.

Julio started producing at 14 on his home-brew PC in high school using Photoshop, Sonic Foundry ACID for audio, and Premiere for video. He earned his degree in Multimedia Production from New England Institute of Technology in 2007, where he emerged a Mac fan in love with Final Cut Pro and ProTools. Now he produces in Logic Pro X and FCP and Affinity.

His preliminary musical exposure came out of his brother Vinny's room growing up listening mainly to Metal like Iron Maiden and Rock en Español like Soda Stereo atop a myriad of other genres and artists.

Video games made him develop a love for the entire gamut of electronic music like Björk and Aphex Twin, while the 90s ensured exposure to Dance music and Trance, as well as Grunge and Alternative. Once old enough to purchase his own records, the likes of Tool, NIN, and Marilyn Manson took hold.

Broadband internet and the advent of mp3 files at the turn of the millennium exposed him to a new level of a variety of music from all over the world; unhindered by filters or geography.

After graduating from NEIT, Julio began working with TSL Production on shooting and editing several independent films that have yet to be released. He also independently filmed and recorded his brother Vinny’s band Fathom at their live events, jam sessions, and house parties, which is how he first met vocalist Teague Sobin, the lead singer and founder of Half Street.

Primarily employed as a graphic designer and commercial print slave through the decades, he took a break from audio and video production for almost a decade and started a family. Now the kids are a bit older and in school - asking for guitars from Santa and stuff, so the break is over and Ghost Planet Records has been founded.

Not in it for fame and riches, but rather for the love of creating, spreading positive messages, and the satisfaction it brings. Down to earth people who are driven and work at the dream and their art is who we want to attract at Ghost Planet Records. If you have limited resources but don't lack the talent and devotion to make your dreams come true, Ghost Planet Records can help deliver your message!

Join us to help bring the ruckus to the world!

Music Production & Much More

Ghost Planet Records is a Multimedia Production Company and Record Label set up to bring the sweet sounds of music from up and coming artists to the entire world. 

If you need to record, mix, and master your band’s EP destined for CD, USBYoutube, Spotify, and Apple Music, you’ve come to the right place. We can even accommodate full-length album mastering with an intro and tracks that transition from one to the next all the way to the outro.

At Ghost Planet Records, we can take care of your entire release package needs!

Including but not limited to:

  • Album Cover Art
  • Printed CD Inserts and Spines.
  • Merchandise Designs.
  • Music Videos.
  • Photography coverage of live shows.
  • Social Media Promotion.
  • Audio Recording.
  • Audio Mixing.
  • Audio Mastering.
  • Album Production.

Don't delay and contact us to get your project delivered.

Current Releases

With 19 commercial releases totaling 43 tracks - including two full-length albums and two EPs - we are working on expanding our release library every day!

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