Ghost Planet Mission

Music Production In Rhode Island

Ghost Planet Records is a Multimedia Production company and Record Label set up to bring the sweet sounds of music from up and coming artists to the entire world.

Whether you just need to lay down vocals over a beat, need to record your band’s EP destined for Spotify and Apple Music, you’ve come to the right place.

At Ghost Planet Records, we can take care of your entire release package needs such as album cover art and printed inserts for those seeking Compact Discs for distribution at live shows.

Music videos, photography coverage of live shows and social media page content are just a few of the things we handle for you.

Current Releases

With 10 commercial releases - including one full length album and one EP - we are working on expanding our release library every day!

Don't Be Shy! Say hello!

We have 10 commercial releases to date, and counting. Our current genre salad consists of Experimental Hip-Hop, Trap, Rap Metal, Punk, Industrial, Grunge, Blues, Reggae, and Electronic. No genre is out of bounds. So contact us and let's cook up something sweet for the world to listen to.

Quarantine Deal

All services 20% OFF during lockdown!

Areas Covered

New England Region